Pinwheel Quilt: Backing


Okay, so your quilt top is finally finished and you need to create backing and binding for it.  I did an earlier post on how much fabric you’ll need, so this part isn’t particularly difficult. The hardest part is picking your fabric.

CostaRicanTilesGiven that the top of this quilt is pretty simple — two colors, no prints — I decided to do something different with my backing fabric. I chose a Cotton and Steel fabric by Sarah Watts called Costa Rican Tiles. It has a similar pink as in my pinwheels on a lovely tan background with some little seeds of green. It’s admittedly a non-traditional choice for such a traditional quilt top, but it looks really great together and I am happy with my choice. For the binding, I chose the same pink as the pinwheels, so as to make the front of my quilt as true to the original inspiration as possible.

Remember to add four to six inches to each side, as well as the top and bottom of your quilt top for your backing. I usually add at least eighteen inches of binding to the total amount I think I need, in order to have enough to go all the way around and finish it off properly.

Image courtesy of by Stacey Brandford
Image courtesy of by Stacey Brandford

There are a bazillion tutorials out there for how to create your own binding and how to bind your quilt, so for now, I won’t try to reinvent the wheel. In my next post, I’ll post a few pictures of my finished project. I’ll also tell you what else I’ve been working on sewing-wise, as well as pick my next quilt to tackle. I’m thinking of Sarah Richardson’s epic yellow sunflower quilt…Anyone out there want to make one with me?


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